Other People at Spectrum

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                                                 Veronica Lyttle                                   Paul Gullon-Scott

Miss Veronica Lyttle BSc (hons) MSc MBPsS is our Clinical Administrator and Higher Assistant Psychologist. Veronica has a BSc in Applied Psychology from the University of Ulster, an MSc in Forensic Investigation from the University of Teeside, and is a member of the British Psychological Society (Membership Number 380046). Veronica has always had a passion for working with and understanding people, and this is reflected in the positive feedback we receive from clients about their communication and interactions with her. Within Spectrum Veronica is our first point of contact for most enquiries, and sends out our various documentations and screening measures, arranges appointments, and runs the core administrative elements of the company.  An integral part of the team, Veronica analyses and collates the initial information and baseline assessments, and conducts many of our Initial Clinical Interviews and ADI-R (Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised) elements. 

Mr Paul Gullon-Scott BSc MA MSc MBPsS MCSFS is our Assistant Psychologist. Paul is currently developing his career by training as a Forensic Psychologist. Having completed a recent MSc in Psychology with Northumbria University, Paul is now embarking on a specialised MSc in forensic psychology with Newcastle University. He is a member of both the British Psychological Society (Membership Number 463174) and the Chartered Society for Forensic Scientists (Membership Number 16610). Within Spectrum, Paul assists with Initial Clinical Interviews and elements of our structured assessments, particularly in relation to assessing cognitive processes, or administering standardised measures for mental health presentations. 


As part of his psychology MSc, Paul completed a research project and dissertation exploring mental health and wellbeing amongst police staff in the UK, and has a long-standing interest in psychological factors and their impact on individuals, behaviours, and forensic issues. In addition to his psychology qualifications, Paul has a BSc in Computing and an MA in Fraud and Financial Investigation.