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Welcome To Spectrum Specialist Consultancy Ltd.

Specialist consultancy, diagnosis, and training relating to autism and ADHD

Autism Spectrum Diagnostic Services

Spectrum offers private assessment and diagnosis in the field of autism spectrum conditions across all age ranges and all levels of the autism spectrum. We are particularly specialised in adult assessments, and in assessment of women, non-binary, and other people whose presentation is often less well understood.

ADHD Diagnostic Services

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a broad umbrella term for attentional problems. Attentional problems can affect many areas of the brain, not just the ability to focus. We are particularly experienced in the assessment of female ADHD, and in the co-presentation of both autism and ADHD (AuDHD).

Psychological Support Services

Many families of those with an autism spectrum diagnosis, and individuals themselves, have times when they need support, information and advice. Spectrum offers psychological support services and therapeutic interventions to help individuals and families deal with a variety of issues.

Excellence guaranteed

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