Autism Spectrum Diagnostic Services


Spectrum offers private assessment and diagnosis in the field of autism spectrum conditions (autism, Asperger Syndrome, atypical autism, pdd-nos, and other related conditions) across all age ranges and all levels of the autism spectrum. Because this is a specialist service for the assessment of autism spectrum conditions, including Asperger Syndrome, it is usually recommended that a person has explored NHS assessment or advice before contacting Spectrum. A GP or NHS referral is advised, but not required, for access to assessment with Spectrum, however in the absence of any formal referral it is important to discuss all options fully before any assessment can be conducted.  For further information on any of the services listed below please contact us.


If you have private healthcare insurance, Dr Gullon-Scott is recognised as a qualified specialist practitioner and Chartered Psychologist by many of the major healthcare insurers and you may find that some or all of the costs of the assessment will be covered under your policy.


Dr Gullon-Scott has particular expertise in assessing complex cases, or those for whom the traditional routes for assessment are causing difficulty, including but not limited to women with autism spectrum presentations or Asperger Syndrome, adolescents and adults with co-occurring presentations, and children with complex developmental history or complex backgrounds. She has a particular interest and experience in assessing girls and women on the spectrum.



Child Diagnostic Assessments.


These assessments typically take at least one full day, and involve a morning or afternoon school observation, detailed developmental history interview with parents/carers, and a one-to-one play based assessment and observation with the child at their home. Assessments are home based where possible, as this is less anxiety-provoking for the child, and allows observation in their usual environment. The possibility exists for additional speech and language, cognitive, adaptive and behavioural assessments to be included as necessary, depending on the child’s presenting difficulties and the level of NHS input prior to assessment with Spectrum.



Adult Diagnostic Assessments.


Adult assessments typically take around 4 - 6 hours, across 2 sessions. Assessment is typically conducted in a clinic setting, although in some cases it may be possible to do the assessment in the clients home. Assessment includes initial clinical interview, presentation of structured and standardised psychometric and cognitive tasks, and where possible developmental history information from a family member.



Autism Profile Assessments.


For those with an existing diagnosis on the autism spectrum, this assessment provides detailed information and report for a range of purposes, such as educational statementing, or vocational advice and recommendations. These assessments vary in content and duration dependent on the needs of the individual, and the requirements of the report and recommendations. Typical duration is between 4 – 8 hours, not necessarily on one day.