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The Training We Offer



Fiona Gullon-Scott is an accredited International ADOS2 and ADI-R Trainer. She acts as a Trainer for Pearson for their clinical ADOS2 courses, and occasionally provides on-site training for ADOS2 or ADI-R. To enquire about possible ADOS2 or ADI-R training please Contact us



 Professional Study Days/Workshops


Spectrum can provide a wide range of Study Days and Workshops for professionals who wish to cover a variety of issues about autism spectrum conditions. Aimed at paediatricians, psychiatrists, psychologists, educational services, health services, etc. and designed to provide CPD, areas covered can include identification, screening and assessment; differential diagnosis; comorbidity; interventions and support; clinical or educational questions; and more. Days are developed according to the needs of the professionals concerned. Recent commissioned workshops have included How to Identify and Support Girls with Autism Spectrum or Demand-Avoidant Presentations; Adults with Asperger Syndrome; Forensic Issues and Autism; Latest Research, Screening and Diagnostic Issues; Autistic Female Presentations; and Identification and Support in Educational Settings. Study Days and Workshops can be commissioned by a service to run on your site.



Contact us for general enquiries about training, or commissioning Study Days or Workshops.



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