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Expert Witness Services


Spectrum are currently unable to take on any new expert witness cases. This will be reviewed in the future.


Expert reports can be provided on any case where expertise in autism and autism spectrum, including Asperger Syndrome, is required. Dr Gullon-Scott has substantial experience in preparing expert reports for family law cases, medico-legal cases, and criminal cases. This may range from cases where contact or custody is affected by a child's autism spectrum diagnosis, to cases where the court wishes to explore the effect of a parents presentation of Asperger syndrome, to criminal cases where the victim or perpetrator may have an autism spectrum presentation which may then impact on the case.

Spectrum can also provide more general expert witness work in relation to capacity, learning disability, and neurodevelopmental or neuropsychological difficulties.


Dr Gullon-Scott has been instructed on and prepared over 100 reports for the Courts. Instructions are typically joint instructions from all parties, and the resulting reports are delivered for the Court as independent professional opinion.

For further information on hourly rates for expert witness work, availability and timescales, and how to instruct, please contact us.


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