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ADI-R Training

ADI-R Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised.



The ADI-R is a semi-structured diagnostic interview to assess behaviors related to autism or Autistic Spectrum Disorders. Use of the instrument is limited to professionals who are involved clinically within the field of autism spectrum disorders, or those who are involved in research in autism spectrum. Anyone wishing to use the ADI-R must train on the instrument.


Spectrum can provide 3 day training courses to ‘reliability’ standard on the ADI-R. This level allows the trainee, when the course is completed and post-course independent work by the trainee is submitted and passed, to either use the ADI-R for research, or to train people who work in their direct team, whom they work with on site.


Training courses are also open to clinicians who wish to obtain a fuller understanding of the instrument than is available through self-training on the DVD package (available from Hogrefe, Pearson Education, or WPS). Our courses have a focus on understanding the coding concepts, and discussing the pro’s and con’s of the instrument, as well as issues around differential diagnosis, use in varied age groups and clinical populations, and so-on. Training courses include live hands-on practice with parent volunteers.


For International delegates where English is not the first language, please be advised that you should check with WPS that an official translation exists in your first language for clinical and/or research use prior to undertaking training, as ad-hoc translation is not permitted.


“An outstanding course.”

W.V., Ealing

“Thank you for the generous and professional sharing of your knowledge and experience. Your sense of humour made us feel at ease right away. An enriching experience.”

Thank you very much for your great training! I was so grateful to join this wonderful workshop.”

M.H., Japan
W.P. , Singapore
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