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Frequently Asked Questions.


How Long are ADOS2 or ADI-R Training Courses?


The ADOS2 is either a 5 day reliability course or a 2 day clinical introduction, and the ADI-R is a 3 day course. Each course also includes additional precourse and postcourse work, completed by the trainee.



How Much do Courses Cost?


Course fees for any courses hosted by Spectrum in Newcastle are £500pp for the clinical 2-day ADOS2 & £800pp for the ADI-R 3-day. If you seek to commission Spectrum to come and deliver training at your site please contact us to discuss fees.



What is the difference between reliability training and clinical training?


Reliability level training is required if someone either (a) wants to use the ADOS2 or ADI-R for research, or (b) wants to be able to train their immediate team colleagues on the instrument. Reliability training requires the delegate to complete additional live post-course work of their own after the training course, which they then submit for assessment. This has to achieve a set standard of administration and coding on the instrument. There is no time limit on completion of this work, provided the person feels they have had enough experience and practice with the ADOS2 or ADI-R to achieve the level required.


Clinical level training does not require additional live post-course work, just watching and coding of postcourse videos, and is designed for delegates who wish only to use the ADOS2 or ADI-R in their personal clinical practice, and will not be using them for research nor training their team colleagues. Our 3 day ADI-R and 5 day ADOS2 courses are set at a ‘reliability standard’. All who attend these trainings will be qualified at the end of the training course to use the ADOS2 or ADI-R in their clinical work without needing to do anything in addition. If they wish to stop at that level this is fine. Postcourse work only has to be submitted to achieve reliability standard. Delegates who attend a 2 day clinical ADOS2 course will not be able to go for reliability without attending further training. We do assess levels of coding during the reliability courses, and involve you in administration practice and discussions, to ensure that you fully understand the instruments.



What about Buying-In Training?


We provide facility for a Health or Academic department to buy-in training on your site. This is highly cost-effective if you have 6+ people seeking training, as we charge for daily Trainer fees, not a per person cost. Dependent on site rooms/set up and training needs, up to 24 people can be trained on site on one course.



How Long is the Waiting List?


Courses fill fast. If you are on our waiting list for a course, we will email you with any future dates where Spectrum are involved in  delivering training which is open to external delegates. You will typically get onto the next round of courses advertised but the wait may be 6-12 months.


If you Buy-In a course onto your site, these typically have a 12 month wait from time of booking to course date, due to high demand for the courses and the time needed to set-up the training.



How Much do Study Days  and Workshops Cost?


If you wish to commission Study Days or Workshops to run on your site, these typically cost £1000 per day, plus expenses. 






For further information on any of our Professional Training services contact us.


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